Much Needed Parking Lot Renovations Make for Smoother Driving


by Kurt Hanson
Eagle Staff

The new parking lot renovations recently cemented into place are very evident, with the fresh, black asphalt contrasting sharply against the old.

The new renovations were absolutely necessary, given the previously disastrous state of the area in between the Basilian’s Residence and Granger Stadium.

The need for renovations was brought to attention when by an insurer who came to review the school.

The pavement situation was a huge liability concerning the safety of people and cars for the school because of the many defects in the asphalt.

Before the new renovations, the lot consisted of many pot holes, crumbling asphalt and constant deep flooding during Houston rains.

The parking lot was not totally renovated, but was a patch work job, only meant to fix the necessary and largest issues rather than the entire lot.

The parking lot is now smoother to drive on and easier on everyone’s cars, though many people think that the entire lot should have been repaved if they were going to do any renovations at all.

The new asphalt is a dark black, while the rest of the parking lot is faded gray because it is older.

The school wants to repave the entire thing, but it is very costly and it would not last.

“Just the patch work job alone cost nearly $30,000, and the school did not even renovate the entire lot,” Vice President for Finance Eve Grubb said.

Also, the school is in the middle of a capital campaign for a new athletic complex, and the parking lot behind the gym and baseball field will be destroyed when that construction finally commences, so it made the most sense to solve just the largest issues and not completely repave.

The ideal state of repair for the parking lot would be achieved by ripping up the old asphalt and laying down concrete instead.

Although a uniformly colored parking lot would look aesthetically better, the important thing is that the major problems were fixed.

Many students were annoyed while the renovations were made because it caused traffic to be worse than it usually is before and after school.

All students had to park in the parking garage, and it caused more traffic than usual going through the garage.

“The parking lot situation was so bad,” senior Alex DeAyala said. “The parking garage was a mess.”

Many students were angered over the fact that they had to park in garage.

The Senior Lot was blocked off and the entire student body that drives to school had to park in the parking garage.

“The renovations were inconvenient,” senior Zach Minnis said. “I had to park in the parking garage for the first time in three years.”

Despite that short inconvenience, the parking lot was in a huge need of renovations and the school did a wonderful job fixing them.

“The parking lot was in need of a lot of improvements and they did a good job fixing them, but they could have done better,” junior Jonathan Wall said.

Though the patchwork is obvious and is a band-aid solution to an overall issue with the pavement, the lot was liability to the school and the important thing is that students will not have to worry about losing their car in one of the monstrous potholes or floods.