Traffic Cops Necessary for Student Drivers


by Jake Pincus
Eagle Staff

Every day after school, the traffic outside of the gym on Shepherd is a flurry. The need for officers to be stationed there is a must.

With officers directing there, the traffic from the senior lot will flow with ease. Not having officers is a danger to driver safety.

The chance of getting into an accident without officers there is greater than if they are on Shepherd.

The idea of having the officers on Shepherd would alter the driving habits of some, such as senior Alex Hale.

Although he is indifferent to the topic of having officers on a daily basis, it would be beneficial to the student body.

“No cop, no stop,” Hale said.

The main idea for traffic cops is to help keep the students safe and keep the traffic flowing.

“The cops are a great benefit to our school,” President Rev. Kevin Storey, C.S.B. said. “It is hard for the parents coming at three to make the turn off Shepherd and the students who are leaving after school to safely make the turn.”

Recently the traffic has been ramping up with High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice next door getting out at 3 p.m. causing the traffic to rapidly increase now.

“Now with Law Enforcement getting out at three, and the normal flow of Shepherd traffic, along with the traffic from here, the cops would be a great addition for the safety of the students,” Rev. Albert Gaelens C.S.B. said.

The cops are seen prominently at the beginning of the school year and at large events such as Round-Up, sporting events and dances.

“We have the cops for the parents who are learning the system of picking up their kids,” Vice President for Finance Eve Grubb said. “Also for when we have events here to help direct the traffic because of the large number of people.”

The need for the traffic safety really has not been brought to the attention of the administration by the students.

There is also necessity for an updated traffic flow plan that shows parents where they can park and where they can and cannot drop off and pick up students.

If students and parents found it crucial for the officers to direct traffic on Shepherd then the school, would need to sit down and figure out the specifics of this.

“We would have the look at how they would be paid and find the times that they would be stationed on Shepherd,” Grubb said.

The main barrier right now is cost.

“We would have to weigh the cost versus the need of the cops,” Principal Rev. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B. said.

St. Agnes has officers directing traffic on a daily basis.

At SAA, they have a police officer who directs traffic on Bellaire Blvd. Senior Jackie Parker agrees that the traffic cops are a real asset for St. Agnes.

“Without the officers there, it would probably be pretty chaotic because Bellaire is a busy street,” Parker said. “It would be dramatically longer to get out of Agnes.”

“When there is construction on Bellaire, they help move the traffic, or else we would be sitting  there forever,” senior Lina Kilani said.

With officers directing traffic, we can be assured that the risk of accidents will be minimal to zero.

Being that we are one of the most safe campuses, having cops direct traffic would only add to the ways the campus is kept safe.