Former Heisman candidate Klingler speaks at FCA event


By Aaron Reiss
Eagle Editorial Board

On Wednesday, Oct. 24, former NFL quarterback and first round draft pick David Klingler spoke to students during lunch at a Fellowship of Christian Athletes event.

The speech centered around choices, and how the decisions students make as teenagers will impact their lives later on.

“These kids are in a great spot in a [Catholic] school,” Klingler said. “A foundation is being built, but if they desert it things are not going to go well for them.”

Campus minister and Fellowship of Christian Athletes director Martin Matulia said FCA is attempting to have more guest speakers than they did in past years.

Today’s turnout was encouraging for Matulia. Well over 200 students listened to Klinger speak during their lunch period.

“I had no idea the response was going to be this positive,” Matulia said.

Klingler was a star at the University of Houston before being drafted sixth overall by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1992 NFL Draft. He is now a professor of Biblical Studies at the Houston extension of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The next FCA huddle meeting is Friday morning, Nov. 2.