Obama Best Option for Keeping America on Track


by Dennis Duffy
Eagle Staff

Once again it is an election year, and it is time to choose the candidate that you feel best represents your ideals and beliefs, but also who you think will best lead this country. Of course the only smart choice is our current President, Barack Obama.

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Many people in the state of Texas may say that he is not a good candidate, but they are sadly mistaken. Obama is the best candidate, and the only candidate that will lead our country the way it should be led.

Our economy is a very large issue in this upcoming election. Saving the auto industry, increasing manufacturing jobs and passing the Wall Street reform are just a few of the ways in which Obama has pushed to help the economy.

It takes time to revive the economy. It is not a quick process, and Obama has gotten the economy well on its way to revival.

President Obama refused to allow the American auto industry to die, and more than a million jobs were saved. Now our auto industry is booming back and adding jobs to our economy. Every government loan given out to the auto companies has been paid back.

Our President, if re-elected, plans on bringing jobs back to America. He plans to do so by cutting tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. Also he plans on creating incentives for business to bring jobs back to America.

President Obama also passed the Wall Street reform. This reform makes sure that Americans will never again have to pay for banks bailouts. In this reform law President Obama created an independent agency to set rules and enforce them. This agency, called The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, is setting rules and ensuring that financial agencies are held to standards.

Our healthcare is something that is very important to our President. Providing quality, affordable health insurance is essential to our President’s plan to protect the middle class and put our country on the path to success.

For students in our community, it is very important to consider the future, especially college. Obama wants to make college tuition affordable so that prospective college students are not worried about tuition but instead worried about which major to choose.

Barack Obama fought to prevent federal student loan interest rates from doubling. He capped federal student loan repayments at 10% of income, which means that students can make decisions based on career options rather than price of tuition.

Obama’s foreign policy is strong and is keeping America safe. Barack Obama has strengthened our alliances with Israel and our allies in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. He has made an international coalition to confront mutual threats like Iran’s nuclear program.

Under Barack Obama’s presidency, Al Qaeda has been weakened. The weakening of Al Qaeda not only helps our domestic safety but also the safety of our allies. The execution of Osama bin Laden can be attributed to the Obama administration.

President Barack Obama has proved himself and will continue to make the American people proud if he is re-elected. If re-elected, he will provide the American people with a prosperous and flourishing economy and a strong, self-reliant country.