Student Council Hosts Successful Events, Builds Plans for New ‘Eagle Discount Card’ for Restaurants


by Jake Pincus
Eagle Staff

Student Council is the voice of the student body. The group hosts many activities throughout the year including Fish Week, Fall Olympics, Homecoming and a blood drive.

Student Council also helps in the creation of clubs, drafting of senior privileges, maintaining a Facebook page and now also by helping institute a new Eagle Card.

“I think Student Council this year has been very successful,” senior and student council President Greg Hoffman said. “I look forward to seeing what we can do.”

Fish Week was Student Council’s first event of the year. Each day at lunch, the group put on events for freshmen like water pong, a pie-eating contest, putting on frozen t-shirts and bobbing for apples. They are essential in keeping this school tradition going.

Aside from helping plan one of the longest St. Thomas traditions, they planned Fall Olympics.

Fall Olympics was a major event that has back fired in the past. Many students skip school from this event because it has not been as big.

Student Council aimed to change the number of people who skipped Fall Olympics.

Unfortunately, this year it still was not the successful event that Student Council hoped. With this downfall, the state of future Fall Olympics are in jeopardy.

Student Council had planned for Fall Olympics to be a full day, but the administration preferred a half day.

This caused Student Council to completely restructure the format of Fall Olympics on very short notice, which led to some outcomes that were not what the Council hoped for.

At the blood drive, Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center teamed up with the Eagle community and donated 81 units of blood.

This was a very successful event that Student Council was involved in. It was successfully organized, serving as a continuation of the past events.

For the seniors, the granting of their privileges is what the students look forward to.

Senior privileges are one of the most important things Student Council does for senior class.

The Board of the Student Council drafts a list of privileges, and the President takes that list to the dean of students and the principal to negotiate the privileges.

In addition to senior privileges, the Student Council helps with making student clubs.

A group of students takes their idea to student council and the Director of Student Activities, Joe O’Brien. They then decide if the club benefits the student body, also making it inclusive for all students.

“Mr. O’Brien has been a huge help to Student Council and without him we would not be able to function as efficiently,” Hoffman said.

Most students have a Facebook page. A new addition to the Eagle community is a student council Facebook page.

This allows Student Council to communicate with the students after school to get important announcements out for everyone.

“The Facebook page has served as a very successful method of communication between the Student Council and the student body,” senior and Secretary Nick Lednicky said. “The page has potential to serve as a twofold way of communication, and we encourage students to post any questions or suggestions on the page.”

The Eagle Card is a card that will give people discounts at the most popular restaurants around school. They range from Ragin’ Cajun to Raising Canes.

The idea behind the Eagle Card is to create another fundraiser for Student Council. The students can sell the cards to friends, family and whoever else they so desire. They will be able to use it at the participating restaurants to get discounts.

“If the Eagle Card works out, it will be a great way to bring in more funds for the Student Council and ultimately the student body,” Hoffman said.

Student Council this year has really been a great aid for the student body. They come up with some great additions to the school for the students.