Students embrace Halloween antics


By Brandon Longer
Eagle Staff

Despite Halloween’s unfortunate placement on a Wednesday this year, students are still planning to celebrate the holiday in full swing. Students have not allowed the fact that this hallowed holiday is on a school night in the middle of the week; many students still have plans to dress up and go out with friends and family.

Students will venture to various events on the ghoulish evening. Some, like senior Harrison Heck, plan to attend parties with groups of his friends.

“We’re planning on just going to a friend’s house,” said Heck. “We’ll keep it pretty tame though, considering it’s a school night.”

Those that are going out on Halloween, whether it be to a family get together, a friend’s party, or taking little kids to trick or treat, will be dressed in dashing style.

While some are sticking to the traditional Party City-issue Superman or Batman, many are going to even more creative lengths for Halloween.

Junior Jacob Podlin, who is planning on hanging out with his friends that evening, will be dressed as the Ole Miss Rebel.

“I’ve grown up as a huge Ole Miss fan,” Podlin said. “I’ve been planning this costume for a while. It’s really elaborate, it’s going to be awesome.”

Senior Jacob Caudell is dressing up as Scott Pilgrim, the character played by Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

Regardless of what students are dressing up as, they are all sure to have a good time.

“I’m really excited,” said Heck. “Halloween is always a good precursor to the Fall and Winter holidays. It’s also around the time the weather finally starts to cool off.”

Halloween is also a great time to get to hang out with some girls, which is sometimes unusual for some students, especially during the school week.

“I’m most excited for Halloween because we get to hang out with girls,” senior Zack Minnis. “I hang out with them mostly everyday anyways, but I’m still excited.”