Students Love Social Networks


Social Networks are great for communicating and socializing among friends and family and have been growing very popular in the 21st century and are used by a majority of people.

Facebook still remains the top social network, and now has over 1 billion users. Right behind Facebook is Twitter,which has 500 million users.

The newest social network that has been growing more and more popular is Instagram, was released in 2010, has 30 million users and is growing rapidly.

The most familiar social network is Facebook, which is a great way to connect to people you may know. It helps others meet and communicate among one another, and students at St Thomas use it frequently. Junior Elliot Acevedo said, “I mainly use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and my favorite sports.”

“Facebook is also helpful for school purposes. If I am working on a project with someone, Facebook is helpful for planning my project, rather than going to someones house.”

-Cameron Arnt ’16

Arnt also uses Facebook to connect with the football team.

Facebook is ranked #1 amongst social networks and will continue to grow throughout the world.

Twitter, which was created in 2006, is another great way to instantly connect to your friends, favorite celebrity and athletes. Twitter brings you the latest stories, opinions and news in up to 140 characters. Twitter has become very popular with teenagers.

Junior Andre Pradia uses Twitter often.

“I enjoy using Twitter, it is a great way to talk to friends and see what there doing,” Pradia said.

Many celebrites have twitters, which can keep you updated on their lives and current status.

Instagram, another popular social outlet, can only be downloaded on an Android, iPhone/iPad or other various Apple product, and is a great app to take pictures with. Like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram allows you to keep in touch with your friends, but by using pictures.

Instagram uses many different filters that enhances the original picture and makes it look better. Instagram is great for those who love to take pictures and want to share them with their friends and family.