Students must take greater responsibility for campus cleanliness


The once spotless and clean courtyard has truly regressed into a disorderly and trash-riddled abyss. Let us sum this up for you in a word.


And we never underline anything like that. So, seriously:

The blame is in no way to be put on our hard working maintenance staff whose constant work and cleaning always seems to go unnoticed and largely rewarded.

The blame is rather on the students whose laziness has far exceeded their care for the appearance of the school they claim to love.

After every lunch period, the cafeteria and the outdoors are fraught with trash and debris, and it needs to stop. It makes the school look terrible.

It is time for each student to take a leading role, do his part and help keep our school clean in order to help visitors see how great our community is.

Additionally, leaving trash out gives the already overwhelmed maintenance staff even more work to do and work for which they are not responsible. When you walk by trash that is not your own and leave it there, you are just as bad as the person who left it to begin with. Next time you are at lunch, count the number of trash cans and recycle bins that are within 10 feet of you or that you walk by on your way out. This could not be any easier.

Do your part and help St. Thomas recover by keeping our school clean.