Tablets are blessings


By Leo Penny

Why are people so pessimistic about the tablets? I for one am happy to see them. Since receiving it, I have noticed that my productivity doing school work and other work has greatly increased. Typing essays, doing online homework and reading novels has never been easier.

The biggest change I have seen, however, is not the fun that games bring, even though none of us have games, but is the ability to research. That little magnifying glass on my keyboard has helped to solve math equations, helped to review for many tests and to find out how many points Arian Foster scored on my fantasy team (done at home).

Researching anything is made easy with these tablets. Researching questions range from “What is the gas law constant?” to “What does oppa gangam even mean?” Typing applications for summer programs and jobs as well as doing college research is also made easier by the tablets.

Apps considered distractions can also be helpful. YouTube can help visual learners tackle hard concepts through video demonstrations, Google Talk can make group projects easier and can also be used to receive help form other students.

Yes, your textbook may load slowly or not at all. Yes, the Netflix selection is not the greatest. Yes, you can’t submit homework without wifi. Yes, there might be distracting games on some students tablets. But yes, tablets are a good addition to the school and they have certainly helped make school and life more enjoyable. Despite any current drawbacks, updates are continually being made to the software and soon, the tablets will become a seamless part of school life.