Wrestling Team Support Essential During Difficult Time


Monday, Oct. 22, when students filed into Reckling Gynasium for an all-school assembly to discuss what happened and how the school community would handle it, students heard what was expected.

During a time of crisis like this, there are two options for our community: we can rise to the occasion and strengthen ourselves or we can implode and break apart.

We must stand strong as community. We must handle this maturely.

Both are true.

But something stood out about the meeting. To end the assembly, Principal Rev. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B.,  said that “the defending state champion wrestling team would soon begin its season.”

The announcement was met with half-hearted applause, but his statement holds great importance.

Standing strong as a school community starts with supporting the wrestling program.

The student body should not let the wrestling program become a punch line – one that becomes associated with homophobic, insensitive jokes. Rather, the Eagle wrestlers should be more supported now than ever.

The current situation is no doubt a disturbing one for those who called someone they trusted “coach.” The least students can do is help their classmates out during this tough time.

As brothers, a close-knit group of 745, we should lift each other up.

Students are not going to begin showing up at wrestling matches. They have not in the past, and there is no reason to think they will start now.

There are other ways of supporting the Eagle wrestling team, though.

Pray for those on the team who are having difficulty with this situation – having someone who was so involved in their lives be gone in an instant amidst shocking circumstances. Ask wrestlers how their match went, letting them know you are behind them.

On the announcements, when you hear how the wrestlers fared, keep in mind that they did all of it in the face of adversity.

And for that, they have our full support.