Clubs raise funds, cover expenses with food sales

Juniors Mike Payne and Harrison Grant enjoy crepes from the French Club’s crepe sale.

by Kurt Hanson
Eagle Staff

Clubs are an integral part of the student experience. They offer students the chance to delve deeper into their interests while socializing with students who share their interests.

However, fun comes at a cost. Receiving no money  from the school, clubs must hold a variety of sales to fund their activities.

The French Club held its annual crepe sale on Tuesday Oct. 30, in order to raise money for the club.

This year the club is sending the money to a family in need. They adopted a family in Guadalupe that is need of money.

A crepe is a type of very thin, cooked pancake usually made from wheat flour. Each student had to bring their own set of crepes for the sale, so each crepe was very different.

“We had a great turn out this year and raised a lot of money for the family we are trying to help,” said senior and vice president of the French Club Javier Gonzalez.

The lemons for the lemon and sugar crepes came from the Basilian residence’s garden. The plain Nutella crepe was the most popular crepe amongst students.

“I love crepes,” junior Travis Williamson said. “I look forward to this sale every year. They are absolutely delicious.”

Since the beginning of the school year, the paintball club has held three snow cone sales, the last of which was on Fall Olympics.

“The money from the snow cone sale helps cover the fees associated with playing in tournaments, such as entry fees and paint,” club president Will Hopkins said.

The Spanish Club plans to host a nacho sale in the near future to raise money for a variety of cultural events they will host in the second semester of the school year. They hope their profits will help them reach their goals.