Good behavior from senior class is key in next few weeks


As the senior class nears the granting of all five days of off-campus lunch,   behavior is more important now than ever. The senior class has behaved perfectly over the past few months working hard to show that they are deserving of  five off campus lunch days.

Through their behavior during off-campus lunch, they have shown that they truly understand the virtues of discipline, goodness and knowledge.

Now as November 26 approaches, they really need to be conscious of the decisions that they make. All the hard work would be in vain if this privilege were to be revoked so close to the granting of all five days.

We urge all seniors to truly think before they act; truly think about the way that this decision will affect the entire senior class. It would not be good to be the one who ruined off campus for the entire class; that person will live on in infamy forever in the hearts of the graduates of 2013.