Increased football game student attendance vital


by Spencer Krumholz
Eagle Staff

Going to the football games and hanging out with friends is the thing I remember most about my freshman year.

I recall that the prospect of meeting new people, eating tons of food, and supporting my team all at the same time was a new experience for me.

What I discovered was that by going to the football games, one could further become a part of the school community.

Being among the faculty, administrators and alumni to support our team gave me a sense of the great prestige and brotherhood of our school.

You feel part of something bigger than yourself when you go to games. You are one voice in a chorus of many.

This year, our football team has been great. Few teams can boast the talent we display on the field.

We are known for our large and wild student sections at big games. Our rowdy behavior is just another trademark.

What impresses me the most about our student sections is the great communication skills we have when it comes to “cheering on” the other team.

We need to show our all-out support for our football teams. There should be no room to sit, too much noise to have casual conversation and too much spirit for the other team to win.

What counts the most about going to the games is the support that we give our fellow Eagles. The noise from the stands encourages our team to play harder.

Football is a tough sport. By cheering them on we commend their talent and athletic performance.

Whether it is the group you hang out with – hanging out with girls is just another plus about going to the games – or the performance of the team, you can and will have a fantastic time.

The food is amazing. Candy, burgers, hot dogs and tons of beverages are served by alums and parents.

Be sure to dress up on theme nights. School spirit really shows in a person when he comes to a game in a crazy outfit.

Go and support your brothers. Know that every participating voice counts and that without us there would be nothing for our football team to fight for.

Not only is it fun to go to the games, it shows our fellow Eagles that we support them in their athletic endeavors.

A heightened school spirit at sporting events will surely spread to other parts of the school, which helps to make everybody’s experience better.

Going to the games may be tough sometimes, and missing a game here or there is nothing to be upset about. Just know that you are missing out on something special.