iPad Mini Debut



Since its unveiling in San Jose, CA., the iPad Mini has been criticized and scrutinized.

With its smaller body and thinner frame, the iPad Mini is trying to take the new “smaller” tablet market by storm. The “smaller” market includes popular tablets like the Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble nook and the Google Nexus series.

The Mini is 23% thinner than the normal iPa d 2 and weighs only 308 grams. The smaller size allows for more user mobility and an easier hands-on experience. The volume and screen-rotation lock buttons have moved to the right-hand side and the headphone socket is placed on the top. The new size also allows for an easier reading experience.

With the new update to iBooks, the Mini might be a serious rival for the Kindle. The Mini has a 7.9 inch LED-backlit screen, the colors are crisp, vivid and the text is sharp. Webpages render fast the 1024×768 resolution does not disappoint. The Mini features the back-facing 5 Mega Pixel iSight camera that is also on its predecessor, the iPad 2.

Taking pictures is easier on the new device than it is on the iPad2, and the small size allows for a smoother experience. The Mini is also able to take video in 1080p, which is better than the previous models. The Mini features stabilization and iOS 6 integration which allows for quick video streaming and editing.

Sporting the A5 processor, the Mini’s browsing speed, apps and games run fast and smooth. The Mini has LTE and 4G compatibility. The new iPad also comes with a battery that lasts 10 hours, which is several hours longer than the iPad.

With a starting price of $440 the iPad Mini may struggle in the market, despite all of its amazing features because of cheaper options like the Google Nexus 7.