Paranormal Activity 4 fails to scare


by  Khalil Hicks-Perry
Eagle Staff

After seeing “Paranormal Activity 4”, I came to the conclusion that it was a complete disappointment.

As a fan of the previous three films, I decided “Paranormal Activity 4” was the worst.  Paranormal Activity 4 is the sequel of the 2nd film. Going into the film I was expecting it to be pretty good, since I liked the second one.

I was wrong.

The film starts off where the second one ends, a possessed Katie killing her family and kidnapping  her nephew. This film is set five years later, and now a new family is experiencing paranormal activities after a single mother and her son moves across the street.

The protagonist is a 15 year old girl name Alex, played by actress Kathryn Newton and noticing strange events happening in her house, she decides to secretly film her family with the help of her boyfriend Ben.

The film is set in a suburban Nevada house, five years after the events of the first two films. One night there was an incident at the house across the street, and the single mom who lives there is hospitalized.

Her 6-year-old son Robbie played by Brady Allen, has no other relatives and nowhere else to go. Alex and her family then agrees to take care of him until shes is back.

At nights, Robbie would  take long walks alone, wandering around the house at all hours of the night, and is seen talking to an invisible friend.

This bizarre  behavior may be related to the strange supernatural events Alex begins observing right after Robbie arrives. At this point I was still interested thinking “OK not bad” but as the movie kept going on it got worse.

One scene, Alex’s boyfriend lets the camera roll, after there late skype call and sees Robbie creeping into Alex’s bed. Alex becomes very concerned, and started setting up webcames throughout the whole house. This was where, it got really annoying.

The camera would shake, as they would film, and this gave me a headache. To its credit, the film consist of some scary scenes with many “pop out” moments, and the new additions like the Xbox Kinect.

Everything else felt like a documentary of a girl and her strange neighbor with the help of her boyfriend. Some of the plot was confusing and made no sense.

The main problem was the fact that it took a while for the scary scene to start.  The audience sat there waiting for the fright to start, but it never came, leaving viewers disappointed.

Only the last ten minutes were worth watching.