Political views aside, President of U.S. deserves respect


by Aaron Reiss
Eagle Editorial Board

Nov.  6, Barack Obama was elected for a second term as President of the United States.

I was happy, yes. I consider myself to be a Democrat.

What upset me about the night, however, was my Twitter feed.

As I scrolled through the tweets of classmates, friends and professional athletes, I encountered ignorance.

Some of the people I follow were upset with the result of the night.

Understandable, sure; everyone is entitled to his opinion. Just like the right to vote, the privilege of free speech is a special one that I cherish as an American.

My problem is not with the political views of people whose beliefs are counter to mine. My issue is with the lack of respect I observed on social networks on election night.

I read posts using slurs in reference to President Obama.

If you do not like the political situation of America or the outcome of the election, fine. You are allowed to feel that way.

What no one should do though, is disrespect the President of the United States – the most powerful person in the free world and the leader of this country – by jumping to gross conclusions about the man’s character.

The people who wrote offensive things on Twitter and Facebook were the same people who defended themselves as patriotic.

Based on what I read, nothing could be further from the truth.

If you are someone who considers yourself proud to be an American, act like it. Do not preach ignorance and racism in reference to President Obama. He is the leader of the country that you love.

There is a fine but obvious line between disagreeing with the President’s vision for the United States and belittling him as a human being.

I do not write this just because my candidate won. If Governor Mitt Romney won, I would be writing the same thing.

Both Romney and Obama are smart; you do not get to where they are in life being stupid. I applaud their efforts for the campaigns they both ran.

The desire to lead this great country as its President is a noble one. One that deserves respect.