Reckling Rowdies’ support vital to successful basketball season


by Jake Pincus
Eagle Staff

The Reckling Rowdies are the voice of the Eagle basketball team. They provide enormous amounts of spirit to the court, as well as get the future rowdies to chant with them.

With the loss of Christian Sanders and Jeremy King, ‘12, the Eagle basketball team has been working hard on the court and in the weight room to get ready for this year’s season.

With the loss of the star shooting guard and towering center, the roles for this year are still to be filled.

With the loss of two go-to players, some students are skeptical that the Rowdies will continue to come in and drive as they have in year’s past.

The previous Rowdies were a huge help to the Eagles basketball team which made it to the state semi-finals.

Last year, the Reckling Rowides were in attendance at every game. Some students even went to the state semi-finals game in Mansfield, Tex.

The Rowdies are known for the cheers and movements. The roller coaster and the sonic boom are a Rowdie favorite for many.

Another known Rowdie move is the fat heads. The fat heads were a great distraction and provided entertainment to get the crowd going.

“I expect the fans to be just like last year, throughout this season,” senior PJ Pane said.

Last year the spirit the Rowdies brought was incredible, the spirit of the Rowdies must continue to help the basketball team be successful.

“The Recking Rowdies provided a huge impact last year, they have the ability to change the momentum of a game and they really inspired us to push through when things got tough,” Pane said. “Without them its hard to get psyched for games when there is no fan support and it’s demoralizing when you look into the stands and nobody is there to support us.”

The loss of Sanders and King was a devastation for the Eagles basketball team. The spirit of the fans is more of a necessity this year than ever.

However, many students do not think they will be in attendance for every Eagle basketball game.

“I am going to be at all the big games this year,” senior Blake Moss said.

The enthusiasm of the Reckling Rowdies is solely dependent on the students. It is completely on them to cheer loudly and support their team.

A young Rowdy, sophomore Chris Winter is ready to get the season started.

“I’m ready for the season. I hope we will be just as successful as we were last year,” Winter said.

The need for student attendance is vastly important for the Rowdies to continue to be as large of a force as they have been in years past.

“If only a handful of fans show up, it’s not going to help the team so we need to show up in numbers,” Moss said.

In years past, the Reckling Rowdies have served as an invaluable part of Eagle basketball, and this year is no different: the Reckling Rowdies have a responsibility.