School lunch food, policies, prices in dire need of improvement


by Brett Alsop
Eagle Editorial Board

When the bell after D period rings, students rush to the cafeteria to enjoy their 30 minutes of free time.

However, these 30 minutes are often met with anger and despair when students realize what comes next.

Lunch is a total rip-off. The low quality food that is served in the cafeteria is worth about half what is charged.

This is not to attack the people who work very hard to make and serve lunch; I have much respect for them considering they have to deal with high school students day after day.

The issue I have with school lunch is that it is practically stealing money from students.

The average student spends around seven to eight dollars a day on lunch – amounting to around $40 a week. This $40 buys low quality food that does not even fill up the stomachs of students.

It costs $2.75 for a cheeseburger. A student could buy the same quality burger from a fast food place for one dollar.

The overpricing of food has gone on all four years that I have been at St. Thomas and the fact that nothing has changed is ridiculous.

The problem is not just the price of lunch; it is the price as it relates to the quality of lunch.

The food at lunch is not healthy or good at all. Granted, some days the far right lunch line will have a good deal but overall the price is not worth the quality.

As a student, it angers me that I have to spend almost $8 a day on lunch at school when that same amount of money could buy much more and higher quality food elsewhere.

Another big issue that goes largely unnoticed by students is the fact that clubs are not allowed to sell food before school or during lunch because it competes with Educational Catering Inc., which is the company that caters lunch.

Clubs struggle to raise money because apparently the profits of an outside company is more important than the work of students.

Lunch is also too short. The fact that students go to eight classes for 45 minutes and only get 30 minutes to enjoy themselves is preposterous. Lunch at our school is a total rip-off and students get a small amount of time to enjoy what they can.

To fix this problem, first lunch and second lunch should be combined.

That way seniors eating lunch off campus have more time and are not rushing back to class, while other students have more time to finish homework, talk to teachers and enjoy the small amount of  free time they have during school.

As a student I work very hard throughout the day and it would be nice if I could enjoy my lunch with my friends for an hour instead of waiting in line for 15 minutes and then struggling to finish before the bell rings.

For the four years I have been here, students have always had an issue with lunch.

Whether it is the prices for s food or the short amount of time students are able to enjoy lunch, something needs to be changed.

Hopefully changes will be made soon for the benefit of the entire student body.