Shortened summer break not worth Round-Up holidays


by Dean Meah

To the Editor:


I remember as a freshman how I picked Saint Thomas over Strake Jesuit and Debakey High School. I made this decision after shadowing based on the environment I saw.

My overall experience at Saint Thomas has been awesome and very fun. However, something that bothers me is the odd dates Saint Thomas has.

I still do not like how Saint Thomas started on August 8, which was 2 weeks earlier than almost every other school.

I cannot handle the fact that Saint Thomas started so much earlier than all other schools but we finish with school only a day or two before other schools, who have started on the week of the 24 through the 29 of August.

There were some schools that started a week earlier than the other schools. Those schools were finished a week earlier than the other schools. If we only started a week earlier I could handle that, but I cannot handle two weeks earlier.

Even after starting earlier than other schools we still only get three days off for Thanksgiving instead of many schools who get the whole week off. The fact that we have two spring breaks but only three days off for Thanksgiving bugs me.

Do not get me wrong, I love the Round-Up holidays and the two spring breaks. I love to brag about the Round-Up holidays to everyone.

The shorter summer caused me to almost not get a doctor appointment that I really needed within a certain time frame.

I do not like that we can afford to get these awesome days because our summer is shorter than most other schools.