Students notice tablet use causes dip in grades

Senior Nicholas Matthews strays from the lecture with Big Win Football in class. Games have become a big distraction to many students, and this has slated into a drop in grades for some.

by Brandon Longer
Eagle Staff

volve technology in the classroom. St Thomas thought they would join the technological revolution believing that they found the “silver bullet” in classroom commodities.

According to students and first quarter grades though, the initial enamor of having tablets may have been more hindrance than help.

Grades have either stayed about the same or slightly lowered due to counter-productive tendencies students have with tablets.

Students do take responsibility for their own actions, though, and when asked they say the sudden decrease is due to the being off-task with their tablets.

The program has exposed student’s “Achilles’ heal,” which is easily pierced by desperate attempts to overcome boredom within the classroom.

The tablets, if used as intended, make the teachers job much easier.

Students have been able to take quizzes over their tablets, turn homework in on tablets and do interactive assignments. This can make grading much easier on teachers, and keep students work much more centralized and easier to keep track of.

“I think the tablets are pretty sweet, but they can be distracting,” sophomore Mark Resnick said. “But if you actually focus they are really helpful.”

Many Students agree with Resnick. Clay Kiatta is among them.

“The tablets are entertaining for class, but they draw all of my attention away from the teacher,” Kiatta said.

Tablets are only ineffective for students who lack discipline and cannot pay attention in class due to the temptation of games and other apps.

After the end of the first quarter, students school wide may have noticed the drop in their grade point average.

With aspirations to get into a good college, students have buckled their belt and started playing less games and taking more notes.

Although the tablet program may have had a rough start, a bright and successful future is in sight.