Support for fine arts program


The fine arts program provides many great opportunities in order to get exposure to cultural events like Hot Art-Cool Jazz, the annual fall drama production or the chamber concert. These events are great way to experience the culture and art that St. Thomas has to offer.

Most importantly, it is a way to acknowledge the long hours of hard work and dedication that has been put in by the members of the band, theatre program and orchestra.

Unfortunately, a common theme among students is to not attend these events. Attending events like these are an important part of being a true member of our Eagle brotherhood.

Much like attendance of sporting events is a necessary part of being a member of our community, these events need to be attended and these students need our support as well.

Thespians and musicians are often seen at football games and basketball games. In fact, the band attends every single game. In return for their commitment, we should also support and attend their events.

These programs are often overshadowed by our great athletic program and programs that do not require as much mental effort. As a testament to our sense of unity and community, the attendance at these events must increase.

We support our brothers in all of their pursuits because that is the main reason for why we love this school so much, the sense of community. Our community is extremely special and in order for our sense of unity to continue, supporting and attending events is essential.