Campus lacks diverse club options


by Collin Burwinkel
Eagle Staff

Seniors James Russell and Joe Hittinger call for assistance during an after-school block cleanup sponsored by the Spanish club. Russell said the club has helped him stay involved in the school community.

Students here on campus are stretched thin with work. Many live far away, are in AP classes, play a sport or are in a different extra curricular.

Not mentioning the service hours they do or jobs they have, St. Thomas students are bombarded with responsibilities.

St. Thomas offers many different clubs to be a part of on campus. Whether it is the Pre-Med Club, Spanish Club, Rocketry Club, Environmental Science Club or the other clubs that are offered, an effort is made to involve the students.

Not everyone thinks that is the case though. With pressure of college and being involved in different extracurriculars, students think more clubs are needed.

“I dont think there are enough clubs,” senior Lucas Dowdy said.

“I wish there could be more clubs for me to be a part of, like a shooting club.”

Having a club that a student can be a part of such as the Pre-Med Club, demonstrates his ability to showcase and only add to his talents.

But for students who have an interest in something, such as law, which does not have a club, that posses a potential problem.

“I don’t know if more clubs are needed, kids have so many things pulling for there time already,” Joe O’Brien, Director of Student Activities, said.

“You could have a club for almost anything, but I’m not sure how high the demand would be.”

“I dont think we need more clubs,” Senior Al Wagner said.

“I am too busy anyway to be involved with a club.”

Whether or not students have the time to be a part of a club, some are just not interested.

“I dont really know a lot about clubs, nor am I interested in joining one,” sophomore Matt George said.

“I think the school could advertise the clubs we have better,” Wagner said.

For example, according to the school’s website, there is a Bowling Club.

“I didn’t even know we had a Bowling Club,” sophomore Joesph Buckle said.

That is because we do not.

“Mr. Fritsch used to be in charge of the club, but some days he would only take two to three guys to go bowling,”

O’Brien said. ” With all the things that he had going on, it wasn’t fair anymore.”

With such an learning institution as St. Thomas, clubs should be easier to learn about, access and create, so students can add to their college transcripts.