Accreditation not to be fretted


This week we were all visited by the AdvancedEd and the Texas Catholic Conference Education Department. Both of these organizations are highly regarded education authorities who have accredited our school for the past few years. While there is probably many people worried about how our school will fair in the evaluations, there is no need to worry. There is no way these committees did not fall in love with our wonderful school.

After all, how could they not have fallen in love with our school? We are awesome. We excel in every way possible. Our athletic teams are in constant contention for state championships, our students are always winning multiple awards in the city of Houston, our school has wonderful test scores and our newspaper is obviously awesome- yeah, we said it.

Giving even more credit to our school is the great history and tradition that our school has of producing leaders of the city of Houston. For the past 113 years, St. Thomas alumni have gone out and grabbed Houston by the horns. Our school has produced congressmen, Pulitzer Prize winners, a Medal of Honor recipient and hundreds of other extremely successful alumni. Our school has produced many leaders of Houston and it will indubitably continue to do so in this century and beyond.

We are awesome and there is no doubt that we will receive great reviews from these institutions. You stay classy, St. Thomas.