Football stars’ online mistakes teach valuable lessons


By Will Rose
Eagle Staff

The Internet is not a safe place. Every day people make mistakes by posting explicit or personal information.

Posting content on the Internet is dangerous because anyone can access it. Anyone from criminals all the way to police officers can access your Facebook, Twitter, and any other social networking sites to which people might have access.

Posting things on the Internet can backfire almost immediately.

As students, we see this happening all the time. One second someone can post a photo on Twitter or Instagram that involve explicit actions, and within the next hour a person of authority might be calling them into their office.

Other examples would be Johnny Manziel and Manti Teo. The Internet is a no rule zone.

This past December, one of the greatest groups of legendary collegiate athletes ever established in the world of sports, the Heisman Trophy winners, inducted another star into their ranks.

Johnny Manziel, the Texas A&M quarterback, took the stage to accept this great honor.

A few days after this event, he had millions of Twitter users following him and they could see everything he posted.

Manziel, before and after receiving this great honor, posted photos of himself engaging in illicit activities such as drinking, gambling and partying.

While he has the right to make his own decisions and these actions occur every day, he made the mistake of putting evidence on the Internet.

A plethora of newspapers, broadcasters and other members of the media criticized the young athlete and continue to criticize him to this day.

The persona that Manziel presented to the Heisman Trophy Association was not ruined, but second guessed by people all over the country.

Everyone experiences consequences from irresponsible usage of the Internet.

In the case of University of Notre Dame star linebacker Manti Te’o, he was tricked by a man named Ronaiah Tuiasosopo. Tuiasosopo pretended to be a girl and developed a relationship with Teo.

Through time and conversation, Te’o fell in love with this fake character, and was devastated when he found out the person had died.

Everyone who has access to and knowledge of the Internet probably knows of this hoax.

Te’o made the mistake of trusting someone he met on the Internet. Nothing can be trusted that is put on the Internet because it can be false.

This happens every day, all over the world. People trust popup ads and money give-away ads and end up either giving away personal information or being taken advantage of by some hacker.

Common sense and a base of knowledge is a must when using the Internet.

Anyone can access information on the Internet today. In the today’s world, people ranging from all ages can access and use the Internet.

Do not post photos of illicit actions on the Internet and do not trust things that are too good to be true.

Things that are too good to be true are probably not as they appear, so learn from others’ mistakes.

Observe what happened to Manti Te’o and Johnny Manziel and do not make the same mistakes they did.