Student body exceeds expectations once again


Students broke the Round-Up turn-in record for the tenth straight year, it was announced Friday, March 1.

The previous record stood at $402,000.

This year, with the largest student body in the history of the school, more than $423,000 dollars in Round-Up tickets were sold.

By breaking the record of the past year and surpassing all financial milestones put in place, students were rewarded by Principal Rev. Patrick Fulton, C.S.B., with March 4 and 5 off from school, as well as a half day of school Friday, March 8.

Additionally, there will be no school on Fridays in the month of April, and students will have half-days of school Fridays in May.

The announcement was made in Granger Stadium, as three numbers descended by zip-line from the press box to the field.

Three of four classes were represented in this year’s group of top sellers (pictured below), with no juniors making the top ten.

Senior Cameron Arndt finished first, bringing in $19,200. Fellow seniors Michael Ladd (6), Nico Hoge (7), Christopher Patton (8) and AJ Motte (10), finished amongst the top sellers.

Sophomores Jordan Lawrence (3) and Worth Bear (5) each sold over $6,000 in tickets.

Freshmen Shawn Pham (2), Domenic Patronella (4) and Charles Vatterott (9) rounded out the list