Culinary Corner: Taqueria Los Charros cheap, delicious


by Greg Guidry
Eagle Staff

Overview: Taqueria Los Charros #2, or more commonly known by the students as “the Taqueria,” is the go-to option for hungry Eagles who don’t have a lot of money or transportation, but still want a quality meal. They have both Tex-Mex and a variety of traditional Mexican offerings. They offer things like tacos, tortas, plate meals, and other fare. The biggest selling point of the Taqueria is cheap, quality food; the price of a flour tortilla taco is only $1.70, which compared to somewhere like Taco Cabana (which would range from $2-$3), has better quality for a cheaper price. That being said, it is still a taqueria and you should expect such when going there. The service is satisfactory in terms of attitude and accuracy with your order, but the one glaring problem for the Taqueria is its tremendous wait time. It is possible to occasionally catch a break and pick up your food in under 15 minutes, but that is not the norm; if you walk into the Taqueria you better expect at least a twenty minute wait. Keeping the wait time in mind, it still is a perfect option for a morning breakfast or an after-school snack. Personal Recommendation: I suggest getting out of the usual beef and chicken fajita tacos and opting for their more traditional Mexican offerings like barbacoa (stripped from the cheeks of a cow) or Al Pastor (pork marinated in chilies before being cooked). I personally like the Taqueria due to my frequent breakfast runs there for a couple al pastor tacos and their fishbowl-sized, hand-squeezed large orange juice. This is the quintessential restaurant, students, and I can’t give it any less than 4 stars due to its price, quality, and distance from the school. The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is due to its wait time. Overall, I highly recommend it.