Fall S.L.A.B. Watch


by Michael Reul
Eagle Staff

The Low Rider

The first car on the list epitomizes slow, loud and bangin’. Senior Rolando Hernandez’s 2007 Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab low rider. It features a 6″ drop, 22″ matte black rims, custom 3″ exhaust, Pacesetter headlights, an aero turbine muffler, KHP tune, K&N intake and smoked head and tail lights. Hernandez has put a ton of time and effort into perfecting this beast over the past year. He got the car for his 17th birthday. “Its special because its something different from your average lifted truck,” Hernandez said. “I like it because it’s low and slow.” Hernandez’s low rider brings a little Mexican flavor to the campus parking lot.

The Daddy’s Girl

One of the nicest cars on the lot is junior Ardalan Eftekhar’s 2005 Maserati Quatroporte. It features a suede roof interior and added exhaust and rims. Eftekhar has been driving the Maserati around for just two weeks now, and given his track record, he will bring a new car around in a few weeks. His dad is the owner of a fine car dealership and allows him to drive the cars around for a while before they are sold. “I like it because it’s really fast and made by Ferrari, so it has a Ferrari engine,” Eftekhar said.

The 4×2

Up next is senior Forbes Jones’ 2009 Ford F-150. Jones has added Ranch Hand bumpers and a grill guard. It was his 16th birthday present. He enjoys driving it to his ranch in Giddings. He also added a 4×4 emblem to the back, yet his car is not four wheel drive. It is no problem for Forbes though, he can still make it over the hill and up the St. Thomas parking garage with his dirt bike in the back. “I like it because its an all around great car,” Jones said. If you see Forbes in your rearview mirror on Memorial Drive, get out of the way because he slows down for neither man nor green traffic light.

The Paint Job

Some students like to bring a less flashy vehicle to the lot. Senior Jonathan Morin’s 2000 Honda Accord Coupe is special to him in his own right. On the inside, where it matters, Morin has added 4500 Watt Kenwood speakers and stereo. On the outside, Morin was given two fine racing stripes by mother nature. He got his car last year and when he’s not driving to St. Thomas, he is driving to his friends’ houses. “I like it because it gets me places,” Morin said.

The Invisi-Car

Senior Will Aigner has the most special car on the lot. This 2005 Silver Chevrolet Tahoe has many great features, including the unique cloaking capabilities. The cloaking is so good that even Aigner himself cannot find it. Unfortunately, Aigner misplaced his ride over the weekend at Texadelphia on Westheimer. After watching the Texans game this past Sunday, Will walked out to his car to find out that it was not in the spot he parked it in. After clicking the “lock” button on his car trying to hear the beep, Will realized it was no longer there. Will is now in the market for a new vehicle.