Fantasy football engulfs school in competition


by David Harris
Eagle Staff

On Sundays, many things may be going thought a typical student’s mind. They may be thinking of homework, girls, food or fantasy football.

With NFL season now in full force, many students will be obsessing over fantasy football during their free time.

They join the competition along with the 32 million other Americans who play the game. Fantasy football can be extremely addictive and competitive, so it will occupy many lunchroom conversations until December.

For those students who are not involved in the fantasy football, the league starts off with a draft.

The team can gain points or lose by how well their players’ stats are during the game. Each participant gets to manage their own team by making trades and cuts in order to get the best players.

Each team in the league will play a different team every week. This makes every teenage boy’s dream a reality.

The senior class has many different leagues.

“I am in two different leagues,” senior Harrison Grant said. “In one league we play for money, the other we play just for fun.”

Needless to say, any game can get pretty intense when playing for money.

“The winner of the league gets $100. It’s pretty legit.” Grant said.

Senior R.J. Hernandez is also very involved in fantasy football. He also plays in a league with 10 other seniors.

“I play fantasy football because it is fun and everybody else plays,” Hernandez said. “I have three flat screen TVs in my living room entirely for watching football on Sundays.”

Teachers also get their share of fantasy football.

“If I had a fantasy team my quarterback would be Peyton Manning,” Theology teacher Jenny McConnell said. “I would waste too much time if I had a fantasy team.”

Other teachers are against fantasy football and would rather watch real football with no fantasy games attached. These specific teachers consider it a petty waste of time.

“Do you really think that I watch football in my fantasy?” Fine Arts Dean Mike Nebel said.

Because fantasy football is so addictive and competitive, it can be very time consuming.

“I am on my phone checking my fantasy team all Sunday,” Grant said.