Student body President expects change


by Tristan Niedermeier
Eagle Staff

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President senior Damian Gonzales seems to have much planned for the school this year.

During Gonzales’ campaign for president late last year he stood next to his Vice President senior Fabian Garcia. They both have views for the school that the student body agrees with, which is the reason for their election.

The plans that Gonzales has for this year include a full day of Fall Olympics, TVs in the lunchroom, music in the lunchroom, a discount food card and better incentives for students to participate in the Walk-a-Thon. Many of these great ideas are in the midst of being finalized by Joe O’Brien, Director of Student Activities.

“These are just some of the ideas Student Council has come up with,” Gonzales said. “I have high expectations for this school year. It looks as if this is going to be an exciting year full of positive change for the school.”

Gonzales and Garcia check in with O’Brien to see if anything needs to be done that day for any upcoming school events regularly.

Recently, Gonzales has begun preparation for the Walk-a-thon, one of the school’s major fundraising events alongside Round-Up.

Some other upcoming events that Gonzales and Student Council are working on are Homecoming and Fall Olympics. They want to make these events much better than ones in previous years.

Students have been wanting to be able to play music in the cafeteria, and Gonzales says that is coming soon.

“Once students make a CD and it is deemed appropriate, it will be played in the lunchroom,” Gonzales said.

Another privilege that is to be decided is whether to have TVs in the cafeteria too. Students want TVs because they want to be able to watch sporting events that could be going on at the same time as lunch, or just watch TV shows.

“TVs would be cool to watch Barcelona whip Real Madrid on the booty during the Champions League, Visca Barca,” Lorenzo Boitel said.

It seems that the removal of the vending machines has also been a big topic for the Student Council.

“Now that we are well into the school year, we can turn our focus toward [the machines],” Gonzales said.

This is great for the students who have been asking for the machines back. It assures them that the issue is being addressed by students who have the power to handle it properly.

Gonzales wants to leave the school and see it is a better place than it was when he became president.

He wants to make changes that will last and that will make the school a more comfortable and enjoyable learning experience.

Gonzales plans to do this by pushing many of the requests that the students want to the administration. He is currently processing these requests.

The students hope to see progress in the next couple of months that will be beneficial for the school.