Tradition key staple for student involvement


by Brandon Longer
Eagle Staff

s students of this school, we are very familiar with tradition.

A rivalry is something fun that we do competitively, not in spite. You may find yourself wondering about why certain students do not take school spirit seriously and what spirit was to generations that came before us.

Some students attitude reflect that they do not care about our rivalries. It seems to be a generational fad where we think we will not look cool by showing interest in our rivalries.

Looking back four years, the games attended by students had a much lower energy level and lack of attendance. We lacked the camaraderie that we currently have.

Some may say that we are no better than the Houston Texan “band wagoners” when we started to root for our school team, but that is just not true.

We are not like the Texans fans who showed up out of nowhere, but we are back and here to stay.

As a student body, we could not be more proud of our team, but we cannot just support them during good times, true fans support their teams through the rough times as well.

Rivalries are meant to be competitive and fun, and that is just what it was this year.

Most of us attended the Strake game, and we showed better sportsmanship and were louder than previous years, but most of all, we were victorious.

Though our tradition of love and respect for our school and each other is a huge boost to our morale, it is not the only tradition our school has up its sleeve.

We are very familiar with the traditions of discipline and knowledge. Our football team embodies these traditions through the hard work and dedication they put into practicing and the knowledge that our excellent coaching staff gives to them.

Goodness, discipline and knowledge of the fans, from our players, and our coaches truly brings us together and shows the rest of the world what the Men of St. Thomas are about.

There is a misconception that in past years, our rivalry with Strake was fueled by hatred of our rivals.

After a sit down with Alumni and beloved teacher, David Fritsch; I learned that a man of St. Thomas is truly a man of tradition and we have not changed much through the decades.

Fritsch is a graduate of the class of 1994, here two decades later, teaching the class of 2014. From him, I learned that many of our away games were attended at a much higher volume.

This is probably because back then they just did not have the opportunities for socializing that we do now.

All there was to do on a Friday night was to go and support your Eagles. Buses would take students to away games anywhere from Beaumont to San Antonio, and students in great numbers took advantage of this by paying a reasonable bus fair and ticket price. Unfortunately nowadays it would be far too expensive and probably not worth the cost.

No answer you can give will trump supporting your classmates as they strive for victory. Between then and now our behavior has not changed, you probably think students did activity that would be frowned upon by our faculty.

But the truth is, being a gentleman has been a tradition. Doubts have came up about our the passion of our student body towards are Strake rivalry. Obviously, you respect something you care about.

From our attendance and the respect we showed at the Strake game this year we put the nail in the coffin of doubts. We do indeed have school spirit and care about are rivalry as a whole.

Public school games with more than quadruple the amount of students we have and could not even get close to emulating what we have.

Through our players and our supporters, it is clear that we have superior spirit and care for our rivalry.

This did not just happen, but instead has been engraved into our student body through years of rich tradition and being taught the values that makes up an Eagle.

If anything, our school spirit and how much we care about our rivalry is at the highest point it has ever been, and only increasing.

Our tradition and following tradition and building on to it is what sets us apart from the rest. Future generations of Eagles will build off of what we leave them and continue to make the school the great place that it is today.

No one could rival the brotherhood and respect that we have formed here.