Grades, sleep, social lives affected by long-distance commutes


by Michael Pizzitola
Eagle Staff

With students coming from over 130 different zips codes, not all enjoy short commutes to and from school every day.

Some students that come from areas like Pearland, the Woodlands, Alvin or Fresno make 45-minute drives to school every day.

Some that live closer to school do not realize how these students’ social lives, sleep cycles and opinions of the school are impacted by where they live.

One of the biggest issues that seems to plague students that live father away is the constant and incessant lack of sleep.

“I have to get up at 5:30 every morning and sit in an hour of traffic,” junior Jerod Hoesel said. “Therefore, I am very tired every day and I sleep during class all the time. Also, living far away keeps me from being able to hang out with my friends.”

On the other hand, students who live closer to school in the areas such as River Oaks, the Memorial Villages, Tanglewood, Afton Oaks, Bellaire and West University can enjoy longer sleep, shorter commutes and more time to do homework.

Also, more social events occur in these areas which is quite beneficial to those who live in these areas.

“Living in the Tanglehood area has its perks,” junior Zach Saville said. “I get to enjoy a longer sleep cycle and still have time to get my morning work out in. Also, I have a much shorter commute to school, and more social events occur in or around my neighborhood.”

Students who live further away and participate in after school activities, such as sports, have an even greater struggle with managing their time and social lives. With a majority of students living in town, more social functions occur there as well. This makes it harder for students living out of town to hang out with their friends, go to social events, hang out with girls and attend sporting events at the school.

“It’s tougher to talk to girls because I have to spend most of my time playing basketball and then making my hour and thirty minute commute to Fresno every day,” junior Rock Flowers said.

Study halls and free time in classes often become an essential necessity for students who live further away from school. Many students who live closer chose to just do their homework later in the day at home.

However, students living far away are forced to do their assignments in their study halls out of sheer necessity.

“Living further away makes me have to utilize my study hall to do my homework in order to manage my time better,” senior Juan Miron said. “I would not be able to do my assignments with out it.”

Many students who live close to school are fortunate that they can enjoy longer sleep, manage their time as they please, and can have good social lives.

On the other, hand students who live further away do not have these luxuries and have completely different high school experiences.