Seniors anxiously await college acceptances


College applications are a long thought out process that can cause a lot of stress and relief when it is all over.

Many students walk around the school wearing their college gear such as Harvard sweaters, Yale jackets or Rice University hoodies. Seniors all have a dream school of where they want to go for college, but they have to be realistic of where they are really going to get in.

There are of course the many in-state schools that so many want to attend. The University of Texas and Texas A&M are always among the top choices from the seniors at St. Thomas.

Many seniors have close ties to these colleges and have dreamed of going there since they were very little. Both of these schools are highly regarded colleges and ranked as two of the top public schools in the country but can be a reach for some of the seniors.

This why some seniors choose to go to ACC or Blinn Junior College. There is also Texas Tech, Texas Christian University, Southern Methodist University and Baylor, which are also top colleges in country. These colleges are all very close to home for the seniors at St. Thomas.

Many students also prefer to go as far away from home as possible and do something totally different. Other popular colleges that many seniors apply to are LSU, Ole Miss, Alabama and Auburn. These SEC schools are big schools and appeal to many students and offer many scholarship opportunity and great school spirit. Many seniors see these schools as either their first choice or their fall-back.Many students go to these colleges to have a “fun” college experience and to study very hard. These universities also offer great opportunities for clubs and student activities such as Greek life and student government.

Other seniors plan on going to Ivy League colleges and other very highly ranked colleges in the country. Senior Daniel Morgan plans on applying to Cambridge, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford, Northwestern, Georgetown, UT Austin Plan II Honors, and Rice. These are some of the best colleges in the United States and the world.

Other students are going to a college due to family history. Senior Christian Quinn’s first choice is Texas Tech, partially because of his family.

“My dad went to Tech, my uncle went to Tech, and my cousin is going to Tech. I will probably end up going there,” Quinn said.

Other students are aiming to be accepted into some very selective schools.

“My top choice is Harvard because of the massive amount of resources they give to students. Also, you have your choice of clubs, extracurricular, and the best education.”

-Daniel Morgan ’14

Senior Mack Dowdall plans on applying to SMU, Emory, Cornell and Tulane with Tulane being his top choice. Tulane is located in New Orleans and is very good school and offers very good academic standards.

“My top choice is definitely Tulane,” Dowdall said.

Now that SAT tests have been taken, transcripts have been sent and applications have been filled out, the waiting begins for seniors.