Walk-a-thon proves beneficial for Student Council


by Graham Quinn
Eagle Editorial Board

Burwinkel Walkathon (29)

2013 Walk-a-thon was another success. The event, which is held in September each year, is intended to raise money for Student Council to sponsor various student activities throughout the school year.

The funding for prom, Fall Olympics and almost every other student activity is financed through Walk-a-thon.

Two years ago, Student Council raised around $40,000 from the event.

“I loved it, and thought it was a lot of fun,” junior Danny Bang said. “I cannot wait until next year.”

Students rack up donations to participate in three categories: silver, gold and platinum. By donating money, students receive incentives, from a free lunch to a free ticket to the Homecoming dance.

Students who bring in $25 are in the silver category. They receive minor incentives, such as a movie on the field and laser tag.

Those who donate $50 fall into the gold category. They get everything the silver group has, plus larger events, such as a trip to Sky High and paintball.

Then comes the coveted platinum level, who donate $100. They get everything the gold and silver groups get, plus the largest events, like going to Schlitterbahn and a free ticket to the Homecoming dance.

Donors, however, did not go unrewarded. A plethora of different ice cream and Gatorade flavors were available at no cost to the “walked out” students.

Over 2400 Gatorades, ice cream and cookies were bought.

“I was a little disappointed in this year’s participation,” Director of Student Activities Joe O’Brien said. “I think next year we need to do a better time of advertising what exactly the Walk-a-thon is.”

For students who did not participate in the event, they had a silent study hall.

“More kids than ever before didn’t participate in this year’s Walk-a-thon,” O’Brien said. “I think last year’s Walk-a-thon being rained out made a difference because students had bad memories.”

If the 2014 Walk-a-thon has more participants than this year, it will allow the students to get more activities and further enhance the activities and events put on by Student Council throughout the year.