Eagle brotherhood conveys most important aspects of school


by Graham Quinn

Eagle Editorial Board

Strake Rally Hawkins (94)

Eagle brothers. Some of the most spoken words at St. Thomas.

“You are all Eagle brothers” or “Join with your Eagle brothers” are both said at least once a day.

Until recently, I did not really think about what that meant, and I did not realize how much of an Eagle brotherhood we truly are.

When I first came to St. Thomas, I could not grasp the idea of having to know everyone in my class.

I came from the largest middle school in HISD, with over 800 students in my graduating class. I knew only about a quarter of my class, and I was close with certainly fewer than 200.

The idea of bonding as a class in school was a new concept to me, as it was explained by Fr. Fulton on the first day of school.

Fish Week was the first true glimpse of brotherhood that I experienced here at school. To this day, we as seniors cherish and value that week of bonding.

Throughout my first few months of freshman year, as I learned all the names of my classmates, I began to see a little bit of what being an Eagle brother meant.

Not much, at that point, but I began to experience the Eagle brotherhood that I was told about.

Now, four years later, with the 180 or so men that are seniors with me, I can say that I have truly experienced the concept of an Eagle brotherhood.

I can say with confidence that I can name and identify every student in my class. While I may not be friends with my entire class, I am at least friendly with them.

If I were to see any senior outside of St. Thomas, I would not hesitate to say hello, and this goes for every student I see.

Whenever I see an STH shirt or any signs of our fine institution, I walk up and say hello.

This is what being an Eagle brother is all about. This is only the simplest form of being an Eagle brother.

To be Eagle brothers is to have a connection with your class, even the whole school.

Being a brother to your classmates is all about bonding.

Over the past four years, we have grown closer. The class of 2014 has gone through many things together.

Whether it has been losing some of our favorite teachers, or being undefeated against Strake, we have experienced it together.

Good and bad, we have gone through it together. These experiences and memories will stick with us for a lifetime, along with the friendships that have been formed.

As Eagle brothers, we all have a certain respect for each other.

While we do joke around with each other and may not act like it, we do care about each other.

We have each other’s back, and we are willing to help each other out.

That is what being a Man of St. Thomas is all about. That is what every incoming Eagle freshman should look forward to: the brotherhood and respect that comes with being a man of St. Thomas.