Broadcast station brings update to announcements, school media


by Brady Roth and Alec Burns

Eagle Staff

Front page

The new up and coming Eagle Broadcast Network will provide the opportunity to not only listen to the announcements but actually watch them be performed live by the anchors of the Eagle Broadcast Network.

The EBN is expected to launch this January, although the school is currently in the process of obtaining all of the equipment to make this possible. Until then, students who are in the process of becoming a part of the EBN are learning the ropes of video broadcasting.

Students and staff will have the ability to watch the morning announcements and other videos on the Internet.

“We basically have a server which is going to be used as our own version of YouTube,” EBN adviser Lance Dundee said. “This will hold all of our videos, and people will be able to go back and access them on their own time.”

This website will be student-run and will hold all of the videos that the school wants.

Dundee, along with Assistant Director of Technology John Michael Cuccia and Director of Technology Christopher Hodge, are in charge of setting up the station.

For now, any student is welcome to join the EBN.

“I hope it becomes a viable thing because for right now we only have volunteers helping,” Dundee said.

In the future, Dundee hopes there will be a specific elective available to encourage student commitment to the Eagle Broadcast Network.

“Eventually I hope this will become a class where it’s the students’ job to produce the announcements every morning and to tell the community of what is going on in the school,” Dundee said.

Instead of making a print product, this class would focus on writing scripts and rehearsing for the live announcements at the start and end of the day.

With the start of this new broadcast network, clubs will have a unique way to advertise themselves to the student body.

The EBN can also be used to play a feature story about a teacher, athlete or student actor in a recent play. This is a wonderful tool that will be convenient to everyone since the student body is now capable to access the Internet.

The Eagle Broadcast Network has plans in the future to directly collaborate with The Eagle newspaper.

“When I think of the newspaper, I imagine the stories being more detailed and thorough,” Dundee said. “The broadcast station will have the advantage of getting things out the next day and providing visuals. If you pair the two things together, the paper can give details of the specific story while we can give video.”

With the news of this new form of media spreading across campus, it has sparked the attention of many students.

“I’m really excited to see this start, and I can’t wait for some funny bloopers,” senior Rawlings Elam said.

The announcements would still be the same as they are currently, except they would have a video component. For example, there would still be a prayer and the pledge of allegiance, but the student anchors will lead them.

These announcements will be watched in the morning by teachers logging into the EBN web portal and projecting the live broadcast on to the board so that the class can see.

This will make our mornings both exciting and interesting, as this new routine is a breath of fresh air compared to the standard announcements.

The Eagle Broadcast Network is revolutionizing the forms of media on campus, and the future of the program is looking bright.