First quarter comes to a close


The first quarter is almost over. For teachers, this means grades can finally be closed so they can move on to the new influx of student performance. But for students, this is the time to reflect on what your actions and pursuits during the first quarter has amounted to.

Figuring out your school schedule, you need to allot time for work and determine the time that you have to devote to studies.

This is also the time to buckle down and get serious. First quarter grades are set, and the first semester final grade all depends on how you did and how you plan to do. With that in mind, students need to get focused and serious about their grades. The second quarter grants you a blessing in disguise: a blank slate. A grade wiped clean of all missing homework and failed tests. This can also prove to be a curse as some students may feel they do not need to work as hard. While more common in seniors, this can affect all students and must be avoided at all costs.

The first quarter is over, however the year keeps on going at a breakneck pace. Now is the time to show your true worth and keep strong for the rest of the semester, your future may depend on it.