Online off-campus forms prove to be woefully inefficient



It would not take a genius to tell you that turning in off-campus lunch forms this year was a disaster. In an attempt to make things easier for the students, the off-campus lunch forms were put online. In doing this, the goal was that the forms would be completed conveniently and in a timely manner. Unfortunately, this has not been not the case.

The biggest issue students ran into is that they had absolutely no idea where to find the off-campus forms. In the past, the forms were physically printed out and given to the students. This made it much easier on both the student body and their parents to turn them in.

This being said, the fault does not only reside on the transition from paper to an online form. Clearly, there has also been no real motivation by the students to complete the forms and turn them in. It is disheartening to believe that things got to the point where they are now. Seniors were even given the opportunity to print the form and hand it in to Gail Calkins, Assistant to the Dean of Students, to speed up the production process.

Now that all the seniors have turned in the forms, we still have to wait an unknown period until we are allowed to go off-campus for lunch.

In the future, we encourage the decision makers to reconsider the way the off-campus forms are handled.