‘Conversations That Count’ educates on dangers of drugs, alcohol


On Wednesday, Oct. 23, Conversations That Count was hosted in Cemo Auditorium for freshmen. Orchestrated by Campus Ministry Director Marty Matulia, a plethora of freshmen were herded into the auditorium to sit with parents and senior leaders. Each senior leader was given an average of four freshmen and two parents, and was responsible for the flow of conversation at each table. Seniors gave their input on their own personal experiences through their years in high school, and parents spoke of their expectations when it came to preventing their children from falling into peer pressure.

Dr. Crystal Collier shared important facts on the adverse effects of drugs, while Tammer Malaty (’02), St. Thomas mom Luanne Marshall and senior Elioth Acevedo spoke on a more personal level. Heartfelt stories were shared, as these individuals went back to time when they got up-close-and-personal with drugs and alcohol. Their testimonies shed light on the many consequences that come with alcohol abuse and drug usage.

Students should learn from these real-life, frightful accounts as viable examples against alcohol and drug abuse. Thankfully, programs like Conversations That Count give freshmen the knowledge they need to avoid getting in dangerous alcohol and drug related situations. This backbone against abuse is necessary for the safety of our student body, and overall avoids tragedy. We hope that there will be more opportunities to discuss the repercussions of alcohol and drug usage, especially due to its prevalence among teenagers.