Counselors’ aid essential in college application process


As the clock winds down for seniors to turn in college applications, stress levels are at an all-time high for those wanting to apply to the college of their dreams. The weight of this anxiety falls as well on the shoulders of the counseling department.

As a whole, the counselors have done a phenomenal job managing and controlling all of the college applications that need to be dealt with. Nov. 1 is generally the deadline for early action, which is a popular option for many seniors who already have their mind set on a particular college.

A great majority of the student body are bombarding the counselors with early action transcript requests and the counselors have been working diligently to meet the needs of every individual.

But remember: they are working for you. Collectively, the senior class has much to thank to their respective counselors.

The labor that is required to submit a personalized and outstanding student evaluation is crucial for a student’s admission into college. However, our counselors are writing and submitting them in a timely fashion.

We would like to thank all of the counselors on their outstanding devotion to making sure every student gets into the college of his dreams.