Dancing correctly, fundamentally with your date


by Brady Roth
Eagle Staff

Shake it, shake it!

This fall and coming winter brings not just glad tidings but a great opportunity to show off your killer moves on the dance floor.

Even if you are not much of a dancer, I will tell you what to do and what not to do while you pop lock and drop it.

With homecoming, cotillion and prom in the future, keeping on top of your dance moves is a must.

Dancing is a way to speak to your date through movement. Whether you are doing the jitterbug or twerking, there is always a message that your date is picking up on.

With regards to dancing, there is one rule that is always in effect: NO GRINDING.

There is no art or appreciation in rubbing up against a girl inappropriately. The messages being sent while grinding are degrading to your personal value.

One thing to remember: if you are tempted by this dance, the person you want to grind on is someone’s daughter.

You do not want to be the person dancing dirty with the girl that is going to be the next Miley Cyrus, so keep it PG.

There are plenty of other dance choices that everyone, including her parents, would approve of.

If you are trying to send a playful loving message, go with an easy quick moving hand on hip dance.

This shows your date that you are there for a good time and you know your way around the dance floor.

If you are trying convey a fiery, energetic behavior, the salsa would be your dance of choice.

This is a fun dance, but is open to judgment by the veterans who have been doing it since birth.

If you want to display a hardcore steadfast dance, then I would recommend doing the fist pump or face bang.

Some disclosers about these dances are that they will cause you to break out in a sweat and can result in injury.

Sometimes after an intense face bang my neck will cramp up.

Regardless, even in the face of injury, these moves are so intricate that I would recommend them even to an inexperienced dancer.

Also, keep your mind open. Do not limit yourself to just one or two girls, as that could ruin your night. Try to have fun and meet people. Heaven forfend you be social beyond Facebook for once. You never know, maybe the perfect girl is the one that you forgot to dance with.

Unfortunately, there are many ways to turn your partner off while dancing. These are things you should try your best to avoid.

Avoid stepping on any toes while busting your moves. This is one of the rules that is broken most often and can really change the mood of an evening.

Another mistake made by dancers is that they perspire more than a lineman walking up a flight of stairs. Make sure you are constantly hydrating with cold water.

It is also safe to keep a towel or small wash cloth close by to keep your appearances up to par.

Dance is a great way to express how you feel, and there is a lot of art seen in your movements. I hope all of you guys use this information to your advantage. Remember: stay safe.