Girls on campus cause distractions


by Worth Beard
Eagle Staff

Girls dominate the thoughts and actions of the men here on campus.

Contrary to popular belief, girls should not be a part of everyday life at school.

Since we go to an all-boys school, it is natural to think that there should be more sister school girl involvement on campus and at school events.

While most students are enthralled with the thought of girls on campus, students do not realize the devastating effects that more sister school involvement would cause.

Many students are mistaken and misinformed in their beliefs on sister school involvement.

Most students think that they would meet more girls.

Perhaps this is true, but they only look at the immediate effects, and neglect to realize the other affects that come with girls on campus.

Sister school involvement does not contribute to the identity of our campus, but actually diminishes it. With an increase in sister school involvement, this masculine campus that we call home will lose its mojo.

Masculinity is a big part of the school’s traditional identity, upon which it was founded 113 years ago.

One of the benefits of attending this great establishment is the feeling of a second home.

Here at school one does not have to worry about impressing anybody. Instead, the students can focus on their studies.

Sister school involvement will disrupt the coziness of the school and change it into a cut-throat competition among students for girls and attention.

An example of this is at the dances.

Many students change the way they look and act to impress the girls at the dances, and some start to act different.

This is exemplified in the way girls dance and results in the boys acting out. Sadly, the dancing becomes inappropriate and provocative.

Another reason to not have any extra sister school involvement is that the sister schools are too hard to work with. This means that it is too difficult to create a plan that works for both our administration and the sister schools.

More work goes into getting girls on campus than we actually get out of them being here.

Even if the sister schools make their way to campus, a lot of them act as if they do not want to be here.

Whenever there are girls from sister schools on the campus, they are not sociable.

Overall, girls are enjoyable outside of campus, but when on campus I believe we should be more focused on our studies rather than focusing on impressing girls.

If students are complaining about meeting girls, they need to realize that the only effective way to meet girls is to seek them out outside of school.

Avoid relying on school functions to provide female interaction for you; get out there on your own.