Long commutes increase number of tardies


To the Editor:

Being on time is a real struggle for someone like me. Some students live close to an hour away. I live in Kingwood, and most nights I am up late writing an essay or studying for a test.

Without the proper amount of beauty rest that I need to look as good as I do, I cannot stay awake or pay attention in my classes. At this point, I am walking into A Period everyday with only seconds to spare. There are so many factors that can turn a simple 45 minute drive into an hour and a half long trip. This is why I think the new policy of only six tardies before one cannot exempt finals is ridiculous.

Why should I bother to work my butt off if I know hours of studying for finals and playing Lego Star Wars all night is a coin toss of whether or not I am stuck behind a car going 30 m.p.h. on the HOV?


Michael Payne