‘All in’ for property bid a sound move for ensuring school’s future


The imminent acquisition of the Houston Independent School District property that henceforth shall be called the St. Thomas North Campus clearly stands out among the greatest events in school history that you would count on one hand.

The unparalleled determination and grit to acquire the land by the Board of Directors and its Land Acquisition Committee truly reflects the characteristics St. Thomas conveys to its students. Not only were they fighting for a chance at more land but to ultimately secure the school’s identity in the city of Houston.

Since the campus will have a bigger footprint and impact in the city, it is without a doubt St. Thomas is here to stay. Although, disappointedly so, current students will not necessarily reap the benefits of the larger campus, we look forward to seeing the process unfold as future alumni. It is something that we will have the privilege of seeing our children and many other generations of eagle brothers enjoy.

There is something to be said of leaving St. Thomas a better place than we found it. Looking at the list below, notice that many are alumni who still believe in making St. Thomas increasingly better.

It is easy to obsess over a price tag. For one to say this whole ordeal was not worth the $60 million is truly a very shortsighted perspective in light of what is still to come.

With last night’s incredible news, the acquisition of this land is truly priceless.

There is so much more to consider other than monetary value. Not only does this purchase greatly boost the acreage of the campus, it secures our place in Houston for many decades to come.

“Teach Me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge,” “Eagle Fight Never Dies,” and to that we now add, “4500 Forever.”