In gratitude for the people that made “4500 Forever” a reality


On behalf of the student body, faculty and staff, The Eagle wishes to recognize and express deep appreciation for the members of the Land Acquisition Committee of the Board of Directors, who were instrumental in the process of securing St. Thomas’ next 100 years.

Mr. James Brolan ’97

Mr. Bob Christy ’61

Mr. Lawrence W. Cieslewicz ’76

Mr. Al Clay ’61

Mr. Mark deTranaltes ’83

Mr. Thad B. Fuller ’76

Mr. Vincent Giammalva ’80

Mrs. Eve Grubb

Mr. Mark Hotze ’74

Mr. Alan Johnston ’89

Mr. David Kayle

Mr. Philip S. Luna ’76

Mr. Willie Madden ’82

Mr. Dennis Malloy ’64

Mr. Andrew McStay ‘69

Mr. Charles M. Nettles, Jr. ’72

Mr. Mike Netzel

Mr. Ted Nowak ’70

Mr. Andre Pereira ’94

Mr. Richard Petronella ’64

Mr. Greg Phillips ’82

Mr. John K. Rentz

Mr. Fred Welling ‘42