Off with a bang: Hunting season unites student body


by Kurt Hanson
Eagle Staff

On Nov. 2, most counties in Texas officially opened for the 2013 hunting season. Hunting is especially popular among students at on campus, and many travel to their respective ranches or deer leases to do so.

Going hunting is a fun time to bond with your friends and family. Sitting around watching Texas TV (fire) and looking at the sky at night is always relaxing and enjoyable.

Hunting season is an exciting time and the students are always finding time in their schedules to go.

Junior Chad Isaac is an avid hunter and enjoys spending time at his giant ranch in south Texas. He hunts almost anything from deer to raccoons and enjoys spending time driving around his ranch looking for any other potential targets.

“My policy is: anything that moves, dies,” junior Chad Isaac said. “I don’t consider myself a hunter but a killer.”

Isaac’s favorite thing to do while at his ranch is to watch his property’s fence for intruders and shooting raccoons. Every year, he hunts only with the bare necessities and enjoys being one with nature.

Sophomore William Heck considers himself the next great hunter. He goes to his ranch in south Texas almost every weekend during deer season. His favorite animal to hunt is deer because of the challenge it presents.

Heck loves spending time at his ranch to bond with his father and brother. They enjoy cooking sausages and walking the trails.

Heck also claims that he spotted a jaguarundi and a jackalope on his ranch after putting doe urine out in front of his blind. Heck has shot a number of exotic animals, including black buck and axis.

Hunting is a passion for Heck.

“Hunting is pretty chill,” sophomore William Heck said. “I enjoy going out to my ranch with my bros and just hanging out. Hunting is always amusing, and just being out in nature is satisfying.”

Deer is not the only type of animal that people like to hunt.

Junior William Kinney likes to hunt almost anything, but he is a zealous duck hunter. He is even a duck hunting guide at Yardbird Hunting Club in Eagle Lake, Texas. Kinney is probably the most dedicated hunter at St. Thomas. He hunts at least 100 days out of the year. He goes to his ranch down in south Texas as much as possible.

He likes riding around his jeep on his ranch looking for rabbits or any type of varmint.

Another big time duck hunter is senior John Williams. He hunts ducks down in Rockport. He tries to go duck hunting almost every weekend during the season.

He is a master at duck calls. He can mimic almost any duck he has ever hunted, the difference is unrecognizable. He also has a collection of duck calls that is very impressive.

Williams is the ultimate quack smacker; he lives for duck hunting.

“I mostly sleep when I’m out on my duck lease,” Williams said. “It is a struggle waking up at five in the morning, but ducks get me going.”

The most impressive hunter at St. Thomas is probably senior Travis Williamson. He is known for shooting a number of does and nubbin bucks.

He goes to his lease down in Edna every other weekend. He claims to have shot the record buck in Jackson County, even though this is very doubtful considering the selection of bucks on his property.

“Hunting is my favorite time of the year and it is always delightful,” Williamson said. “Getting out of Houston and down to my hunting camp is just relaxing.”

He enjoys hunting deer, hogs and dove. Also, Williamson is an aspiring horse rider and loves to saddle up while he is down at his lease.

“When I am my ranch, my favorite thing to do is hang out with friends and shoot skeet,” Williamson said.

Hunting is a big part of the school culture. Many students go almost every weekend they can. People hunt many things from deer to ducks, to rare, exotic animals.

There are a number of students that have ranches and deer leases down in South Texas.

Once it starts getting cold there is no question that you will see more hunting jackets and attire around St. Thomas.