Rising concern for functioning microwaves


To the Editor:


We currently have six ridiculously outdated microwaves, of which, ironically, only two or three work at a time.

The only thing I look forward to during the day is eating at lunch, but it is a serious buzzkill seeing the long lines for the few functional microwaves.

It is a complete waste of time, especially when you have to wait behind the kid who puts his special frozen lunch that mommy packed him in there for four minutes on defrost, three minutes on regular.

And don’t give me the speech about how I can go off campus and buy lunch; spending money everyday is not how I roll, and I’m guessing other students probably feel the same way about their wallets.

The budget should allow the purchase of new, state of the art microwaves that actually work, in which the estimated cost would be $400 for six new microwaves, give or take.

Just put this in perspective: there are microwaves from the early 2000s in a modern school with more than 700 tablets.

Make it work St. Thomas.



Jake Helmburg