Successful gala reinforces value of St. Thomas education


165_461011bcaf5b5e723e897c33f049f169_mThe annual Auction Gala took place Saturday, Nov. 2, where benefactors proved once again the profound backing they have for the school.

There was tremendous support for this year’s “Paddles Up” item, as over $100,000 was raised for the Eagle Broadcast Network, which is set to launch at the start of the second semester. The school is currently in the process of obtaining all of the equipment to make this possible. This new form of media coverage will revolutionize student media on campus, since the progrmming will be created by students for students.

The donations that were given to support this cause and many others proves the true value alumni hold for their alma mater. Current students need to realize that once they graduate from St. Thomas, they are rooted in one of the richest alumni families of anywhere. A part of what makes our school so great is that alumni put back as much into the school as it has given to them.