VERSUS: Classic cars demonstrate character, appeal


by Brady Roth
Eagle Staff

With regards to the issue of classic cars versus modern cars, the better choice is indisputable. If you were astute, such as myself, then you would pick a classic car over a modern car every day of the week. The perks seen in a classic car overpower any glimpse of appreciation offered by a modern car.

One of the most convincing perks of a classic car is the brawny horsepower. Only vintage cars can furnish a robust engine. The engine power offered in a modern car does not even skim the surface in comparison.

Coming from personal experience, I know that whenever I get behind the wheel of a classic car and hear that engine purr, my blood flows faster than the crystal clear waters of the Niagara Falls.

Another perk of having an old-time car is that they are not your everyday car. Many people will never drive this type of car in their lifetime. However, when a person sees a classic such as mine, it is guaranteed that they will turn their head. This is because these cars are works of art unlike the vehicles of today.

Nowadays, all the cars look alike. Classic cars have alluring craftsmanship and paint jobs. This appreciation for style in classic cars is why I drive one.

My 1989 Jeep Grand Wagoneer is constantly receiving compliments, mainly from the highest caliber of females. Whenever they see the fine-grained wood paneling and hear the bellow of the engine they know that I am an alpha male. Some of you might think I am getting off topic, but would it not be nice for your car to inveigle women? The only way to accomplish this is by having a vintage car.

Another advantage to having a classic car is the true authentic interior. When I drive to school every morning, I have the luxury of sitting on crushed velour and leaning my head against real leather. These fabrics are renowned for being authentic and of the purest quality. In the interior of a modern car, there is pleather (artificial leather) and cheap cloth that is easily flammable. These fabrics are undesirable and déclassé.

Another overt bonus is the car’s component parts. If you walk up to any modern car in the St. Thomas parking lot and punch the rear or front bumper, your hand will be fine.

However, if you punch the bumper of my car or any other classic car, your hand will be mauled and you will cry. This is because my bumper is made of cast iron, while a modern car’s components are made of fiber glass.

For your own safety and keeping your car dent free, make the choice of getting a classic car. Modern cars are made poorly and with fragile substances. Plastic is not a safe material for a car. It could be compared to driving an ASUS tablet to school.

Modern cars are getting cheaper and cheaper, while classic cars are pieces of art and made to last.

If your brain cells operate like a normal human being, then the decision is not a complicated one at all.

Go with the classic and I promise you will not be disappointed.