VERSUS: Modern cars reign supreme


by Brandon Longer
Eagle Staff

Would you rather have something new or something old? I think for just about anything, new is preferred over old.

Each year new models come out for cars. The point of a new model is improvement. It is just unwise to argue that a car from the 80s is better than its current model. Companies do not try to make their product worse. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure that out. Although, to the defense of a classic, sometimes it does happen.

One should not be trying to convey that he lived during the stone age. Instead he should be trying to show the latest and greatest, and let others know that he’s got it.

I have heard arguments with peers, with respectively, some pretty sweet and classy whips. Their car captures an era in which cars were made to flex. Unfortunately, I must rain on their parade and let them know, me, a modern car owner, stands king over them with a car that is better.

With advances in technology, it should not come as a slap in the face to some that their cars belongs in a museum. Some of these cars have not even figured out the concept of air bags. My car also has a much better engine than models in the past, not to mention gas milage, safety, handling and entertainment.

I drive a BMW 328i, which I received it for my birthday. Picking a car out was not that difficult, actually; it was quite simple. I just wanted something that was fun and easy to drive that also embodied the Brandon Longer persona with a balling level that was off the chain.

It is no secret to anyone that I have a flaw. That flaw being I cannot stop any of the ladies from falling in love with me, and the slab is not helping.

It is comforting to know that if I were to become a hip-hop artist, I can add “driving a foreign whip” to the list of things I would spit.

The BMW, along with most modern cars have no problem showing off their superiority. With industry standards on the rise, cars are only going to get better.

When I am driving down the street and see some car covered in wood panels, I think, “wow, that person does not pull, and probably does not even participate in a greek way of life.”

Your car is an extension of you, and people do in fact judge strangers upon that.

When people see me rolling down the avenue, they stop and stare. I stare them in the eye and read their soul, as they reminisce on what it would be like to be a swag-dipped superstar that is trying to not ball too hard, but ultimately I cannot help it.

Clearly by the time you have reached this point, you know that modern is crowned king in the fight between modern and classic cars.

You do not hop into a classic and address it with a sick name such as “The Bass Cannon”, you would call it “Betty” or “Old Glory.” With a modern car, you can give it a radical name such as “Frat Rocket” or “Wub Wub Express.”

With me as a living and breathing example, I think it is safe to say “out with the old in with the new.”