Restaurant Review: IL Mondo Della Pizza


By Greg Guidry

Eagle Staff


IL Mondo Della Pizza

Rating: 4/5 stars

Price: 15$-25$

Review: IL Mondo Della Pizza is a family-run Italian pizza place in the Memorial area that is small, charming, and has a distinct quality that I have had in few places. The place is small but not overcrowded, and it has a definite family feel that is brought in by at least one of the owner’s family coming by frequently to check on you. I went with my family this last time. They start you off with bread, like many other restaurants, but they have cooked their bread in a way that made it phenomenal.  Honestly, they managed to make the best bread I’ve been given in a restaurant, and I have no idea how they did it. My family split a prosciutto and arugula pizza for an appetizer and it was great, again made on a quality crust. I ordered their gnocchi gorgonzola, which was done with a creamy yet not-too-heavy cheese sauce. IL Mondo Della Pizza is a great idea for family dinner, a date, or any occasion where you have time to sit down and enjoy a quality Italian meal.